The Leptin Diet

The Leptin Diet: How Fit is Your Fat?The Leptin Diet explains how to unleash the power of hormones to resolve fatigue, food cravings, thyroid problems, and body weight issues. Mastering the fat hormone leptin is the single most important factor in preventing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Break free from food obsession, learn the five simple rules for healthy weight loss, and take charge of your health!

What is Leptin?
Fat cells produce the powerful hormone leptin, a primary force instructing metabolism, weight loss, and hormone balance. Leptin communicates directly to your brain, telling the brain how much fat is in storage. It controls appetite, energy, and metabolic rate. Leptin problems are the primary reason for food cravings, overeating, faulty metabolism, the obsession with food, and heart disease.

The Leptin Diet contains easy lifestyle guidelines to get the hormone leptin into balance for permanent weight loss, increased energy, and optimum health. Feel the difference!

About the Author

Byron J. Richards is the founder and director of Wellness Resources, Inc., and has over twenty years of experience in the field of nutrition. He has been a member of the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists (IAAVN) since 1991. Richards has also presented on current and key health topics at hundreds of education and scientific-based classes to both health professionals and individuals. He has been a consultant on Leptin for Fox News Live, CBS Infinity television (national syndication), and The Wall Street Journal. Richards also participated in a number of radio shows including WCCO and KFAI in the Minneapolis area, KTSA in San Antonio, and KNST in Tucson. He is interested in expanding to more stations nationwide.